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Project Description
City of Springshield - The accessible sample site for EPiServer CMS 6.


That the most extensive job with a new web site is the creation of content is no news, but that you can start creating content right away should generate headlines. With EPiServer template packages available, you may be up and running tomorrow. This Demo Site package is developed by IT-firm Meridium who have several years of experience developing websites based on EPiServer for the public sector in general and the municipalities in particular.

- We have an internal goal that state that we shall become better at what we do for every webproject we're engage in. Most importantly - we must learn from our mistakes.This may sound pretty obvious, but for us this means that we quickly have become good at what is important for web sites in the public sector, quality, availability and flexibility without complicating the project, says Niklas Jägerklou from Meridium.

It means that someone else has made the mistakes and that you do not have to redo them. It also means that you can replace your existing website for a complete website based on EPiServer CMS - at a fraction of the price.

You choose by youself if you want to change and expand your web site based on the package templates, or if you think it is enough just as it is.

This project is using JQuery under the MIT License

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